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The concept and philosophy of true healthcare has changed from those rooted in diagnosis and treatment to prevention. It is thus imperative that every individual must take an active role in the management of his/her own health to guarantee optimal and healthier living through preventative and adaptive lifestyles.

Dr Physiq Centre for Wellness, Preventative Medicine and Lifestyle Change is established with the strategic objective to assist you achieve that actionable and result oriented healthier lifestyle. The Centre, conscious of ensuring the realization of optimal health capacities for every individual has developed comprehensive, integrated and clinically validated protocols and therapies, taking into account every measure possible for preventative and curative techniques (disease prevention), as opposed to Reactive Techniques (disease treatment), while being mindful that environmental factors, genetic predisposition, disease agents and choices affect healthy lifestyles.

Dr Physiq Centre also approaches the management of existing and confirmed health challenges differently. Our “organic and natural” protocols are designed to give Clients complete leverage over the control and management of their health. For each Client, the Centre has designed deliberate techniques and measures to rigorously track and monitor their health numbers and vital signs. This demystifies the complexities of the ailments and gives you complete control over its management. Emphasis is emplaced on natural method to achieve the overall goals.

As a start up process to achieving your overall health goals, the Centre has installed a State-of-the-art Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre, licensed by the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria, to detect, check and continually monitor the Client’s vital numbers, Body Mass Index, Cholesterol Level, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Psychological & Stress test etc. All clinical analyses and evaluation are done in-house. The Centre also takes into account each component and factor at the core of your personal wellness, including your lifestyle, age, gender, and total medical history. The comprehensive examinations are customized to meet your specific health and wellness needs.

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